What a great setting for a triathlon! I have been doing triathlons for 25 years and this one is at the top. The bike course in particular showcases the beauty of the area. Keep up the good work.

"Thank you for a fantastic event! This was our first year at the Watauga Lake Triathlon, and we'll definitely be back next year. We loved every aspect of the race. The event location is fantastic. The bike course really showcases the area, and we enjoyed the scenery as we huffed and puffed up the long climbs. We enjoyed the challenging nature of the course."

"The volunteers were very supportive and enthusiastic. The bike course was well-marked, and the volunteers at major intersections were appreciated. The volunteers at the last turn on the run course were great...they were cheering for every one."

"The race amenities were fantastic. We love the event design for the t-shirts, and we always like getting long-sleeved t-shirts at fall events. The post-race BBQ was excellent, and there was plenty of food for everyone. The homemade desserts were a nice touch. We loved the unique pottery mugs for age-group winners, and were impressed by the quality and amount of raffle prizes. We really liked how you offered the remaining raffle prizes to the finishers who didn't receive an award."

"Finally, the race management was outstanding! This was one of the best managed events we've ever attended."

"I wanted to thank you and Chuck for holding the Watauga Lake Triathlon. I know a lot of hard work goes into putting on a triathlon. It is my favorite tri of the year and one that I will do every year."

"My compliments to the guys who organized another wonderful Watauga Lake Triathlon!!!  The longer swim course was nice, the bike course was again gorgeous, and the run was pretty and challenging, esp. for those of us who are not runners!  The hand-made mug awards were great, as were the shirts!"

"We absolutely loved the race, and are already making plans for next year. The Watauga Lake Tri is just about the most beautiful course I've ever done (I told Sharon I thought it was more beautiful than Ironman Lake Placid, and she agreed - she also agreed that you could take ANY 35K portion of the IMLP bike course and it wouldn't compare in toughness to the WLT course! Thanks again for a wonderful experience."

"This is the first time I have done the race, and I wanted to tell you that this was one the best events that I have done after doing several triathlons. It was well organized and could not ask for a better bike course. I hope you plan on doing it in 2007."

"Had a good time at the triathlon. Seemed well organized and the routes were beautiful."

"Hello, I'm getting over my soreness today. I had a great time torturing myself Saturday. When we turned around the first buoy my upper body was bonking so I changed to a breast stroke. The only thing going through my mind was, how the hell am I going to finish. Well I did, and thank you for all the moral support at shore and the end of the bike ride. Saturday was the number one achievement in my life. I knew the swim would be an experi ment and I don't run much. Hope to come back next year and PR."

"First of all, let me thank everyone involved, for making my first triathlon experience a pleasant and memorable one. Everything was very well organized, and everyone was friendly and helpful."

"Thanks again for all the encouragement and the work you do.  As an "older person," I always have to wait around a long time before my age group awards are announced (most people have left by then....).  At most triathlons, they announce all the men first, and then the women, starting with the younger age groups.  In this case, when there are a certain number of awards to choose from, I really appreciate the way you allowed all the age group winners to select their preferences first.  I had my eye on one of the darker mugs, and if the awards had been announced in the old fashioned way, there would not have been any left! Thanks again, for being so innovative!"

"Great race. Lots of fun."

"Great RACE!!"

"I certainly enjoyed the WLT!  I appreciate your answering all my newbie questions leading up to the event.  Although I have no experience to base my comments on I thought the event was extremely well done. Although "low-key" everything seemed well organized and went off pretty much on time and without a hitch.  I can only imagine the work you had to do to make it all happen.  Thanks very much for all your effort!"

"Thank you! I really enjoyed it and have thought of doing the whole thing next year. Thanks for a great experience."

"I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for the fun, well-run triathlon last Saturday.  It was tough and challenging--and a real privilege to be out there doing it! Thanks to all the volunteers, and especially the gentleman in the canoe.  I lost my breath a bit out there in the swim (got bumped & out of sync with breathing) and he was wonderful -- such a calming voice of encouragement!  I wish I could have thanked him afterwards, but with goggles and swimming, I never really got a chance to recognize him.  Please pass on my thanks."

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